Furnace Maintenance Check List

Furnace Maintenance Check List

September 15, 2019

How Important Is Furnace Maintenance? 

It is the middle of winter and you come home to a freezing house. The furnace has stopped working. We all rely on our home’s heating system to keep us warm and comfortable during the tough winter months. No matter whether your furnace is just a few years old or has been in service for two decades, industry professionals all agree that an annual furnace maintenance plan is a great way to help your heating system give you many years of reliable service. Studies have shown that maintenance programs extend the life span of a heating system by a considerable amount. 

Furnace Maintenance Check List   

A variety of companies today offer furnace maintenance plans to homeowners. Whichever one you choose to purchase, make sure that it covers these important services.  

Heat Exchanger/Furnace Burner Inspection

The heat exchanger and furnace burners are critical components in the operation of a home’s furnace. The heat exchanger is the part of the system that actually produces the warm air that is sent around the house via the fan. It is very important that the heat exchanger is working properly to ensure the safety of both humans and pets living in the home. Should the heat exchanger or furnace burners not function as they should, there is a risk of poisonous carbon monoxide entering the living spaces of the home. Your technician will inspect both of these components during the furnace maintenance checkup.   

Furnace Fan Limit Switch & Furnace Thermostat 

Your furnace’s fan system is very important, as it is responsible for circulating warm air to each room in the house. The furnace fan limit switch works in harmony with the thermostat to maintain a constant temperature. Should the switch fail, the fan will either run continuously or not function at all. Your technician will inspect the furnace fan limit switch to ensure that it is working properly. 

Furnace Gas Line 

The gas line that runs into your home fuels the furnace, so it can provide heat to each room of the home. This important component can also pose a danger to occupants if it is leaking or not working as it should. Furnace maintenance technicians are trained to detect leaks or other issues with a furnace’s gas line. Should any problems be discovered, they can be repaired quickly. 

Furnace Flue Pipe Inspection

The flue pipe is extremely important, as it is responsible for ejecting all of the toxic gases from the furnace and safely emitting them outside. During the routine maintenance check, your technician will inspect the flue pipe to ensure that there are no clogs or obstructions that would prevent exhaust from exiting the home. 

Clean/Replace Filters 

All furnaces require the proper amount of airflow in order to heat the home efficiently. A clogged air filter can not only restrict air circulation, but the lack of ventilation will also cause the heating system to work harder than it was designed to do. This can lead to premature wear of the furnace. Your technician will check all filters and replace them as needed. 
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